RELiANCE Investing is committed to providing our clients with professional and timely service. This commitment includes providing information regarding plans to address disruptions in our business operations in any region where we maintain offices due to power outages, natural disaster or other significant events. In the event of disruption, RELiANCE has a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan that is intended to permit the firm to maintain business operations as close to normal as is possible, as quickly as possible.

Business Continuity 

Examples of what might occur if we were to experience a business disruption of varying scope and magnitude:

  • If our main telephone service were to become unavailable for any reason, calls are forwarded to adviser cell phones and are accessible at other RELiANCE locations.
  • In the event that our primary data center was to become unavailable for any reason, data is also backed up on PC's in each registered location and an additional off-site server available to all RELiANCE staff. In the event that any of the offices and its equipment is destroyed, all client data is securely and redundantly backed up off-site, in the Cloud, and accessible remotely.

In the event of any disruption of service, the client would be notified by phone or by electronic mail within the shortest amount of time possbile.

Although RELiANCE Investing has taken significant steps to develop and implement sound business disaster recovery practices, after a significant business disruption, you may still experience a gap in communication as the firm recovers. We will continue to assess, update and test our plans to ensure that our plans are robust and consistent with all of the best practices in the industry. Any modifications to this plan will be reflected in this Business Continuity and Contingency Plan Statement, which will be posted on our website, or you may obtain a copy of the current version by calling us at (866) 694-4015, by email at or writing to, RELiANCE Investing, Compliance Department, 9980 S. 300 W Suite 200, Sandy UT 84070.